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What Refactoring Is and What It Isn’t

April 21, 2012 1 comment

Today I found an article in Java Code Geeks written by Jim Bird through DZone posted by Swizec Teller. It really says what are in my mind. So here is my two cents supporting the post.

First of all thanks to Jim Bird a lot for the great post! Definitely there are big differences between changing as part of refactoring and changing for other purposes. Throughout the life of development of a system, developers incorporate many changes in code base. But not every changes are refactoring. They fix bugs, optimize performance, simplify error handing or even may replace some erroneous codes with some defensive codes. These are not refactoring.

So never call you are doing refactoring when you are doing these things and don’t forget that it is your duty as a developer to incorporate new changes, fixing existing logics and remember don’t blame others.

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